Wireless ADSL 2/2+ Modem Router 54 Mbps

Wireless ADSL 2/2+ Modem Router 54 Mbps
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The Wireless ADSL 2/2+ Modem/Router Annex A is extremely suitable for intensive Internet use. Your Internet will be super-fast, because an ADSL 2/2+ connection gives you a maximum download speed of 24 Mbps. This means that viewing high-quality video images online, so-called streaming, is not a problem at all.

Logging in at your provider is very simple thanks to the menu which appears during installation. The built-in 4-port switch subsequently enables you to create a wireless network for multiple users and share your Internet connection in no time at all.

This device offers multiple security options so that you are protected against unauthorised external use. This wireless modem/router is suitable for ADSL via an analogue telephone line and operates with both ADSL 2/2+ and regular ADSL.

Contents of the package:
  • Wireless ADSL 2/2+ Modem
  • Antenna
  • Power supply adaptor
  • RJ45 UTP Ethernet network cable (length: 170 cm)
  • RJ11 telephone cable (length: 185 cm)
  • CD-ROM with manual and Panda antivirus trial software
  • Suitable for ADSL via an analogue telephone line (Annex-A)
  • Supports: ADSL, ADSL 2 and ADSL 2+
  • Supports: IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11g
  • Supports: WEP/WPA./WPA2/802.1X data encryption
  • Wireless data speed 54Mbps
  • 4 x RJ-45 UTP port, 10/100 Mbps IEEE 802.3x standard
  • RJ11 ADSL port
  • WAN Download speed: 24Mbps, Upload speed 1Mbps
  • Built-in Firewall and Port Forwarding
Additional specifications:
  • Full rate ANSI T1.413 Issue2, ITU-T G.992.1 and ITU-T G.992.2, ITU G.992.3, ITU G.992.5 and READSL2 ADSL2/2+ standards compliant
  • Supports Annex M and Annex L
  • Supports Encapsulation: PPPoA, PPPoE, Bridged, Routed, Static, DHCP
  • Supports VPN pass through
  • Web-based configuration and Remote Access configuration

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